Salmon in puff pastry at my cousin Dagmars place


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Today I share with you a very simple, but great tasting recipe: Salmon in puff pastry. Combine with some vegetables and you’ve got a very nutritious meal! (We learned this the hard way: we were sooo full…) It needs to bake in the oven for around 30 minutes so you do need some time, but you can start doing the dishes or call your mom in the meantime 😉

Last Sunday I went to Amsterdam to visit my cousin Dagmar. Finally we could catch up again! We talked for hours and decided to cook something we’d never cooked before, how adventurous… It turned out to be not that special, but still good: the salmon was nice and soft but not gooey, the puff pastry was crisp and the herb cheese gave everything a nice flavour. I would recommend trying this one!

It was so nice to see my cousin again. By the way, she has a blog too: find her here! I planned to go there for so long, but our very different schedules and my reluctance to go anywhere unknown by train stopped us from doing so. I was lucky this time: a friend of mine had to be in Amsterdam too so I could drive with her. Pheww! We talked about our lives and the lives of others (guilty) and about blogging and soooo many other random things. We laughed a lot too, which is something we’ve always done – and by this annoyed many family members – and that was what I really needed that day.

We went food shopping right away, and soon found out we had absolutely zero ideas on what we wanted to cook… I think that runs in the family! Anyway, we saw a recipe for salmon in puff pastry with spinach, so we decided to use our creativity and work from there 😉 We used cream cheese instead of spinach, and decided on cauliflower with a cheese sauce and potato slices on the side (we didn’t eat the potatoes). Some green vegetables could have been nice as well: maybe some peas or broccoli.

What we used for the salmon:

  • Salmon (frozen), 2 pieces
  • Puff pastry, 4 sheets
  • Herb cheese spread, around 4 spoonfuls
  • Egg, 1 piece to glaze
  • Salt and pepper

How we cooked it:

  • Take the salmon out of the freezer around 2 hours before preparing it so that it can defrost. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Place 2 puff pastry sheets on baking parchment or tinfoil. Use a fork to make some small holes all over the sheet.
  • Season the salmon with some salt and pepper. Place the pieces of salmon on the puff pastry (make sure there’s enough space around the salmon still!), and top this with a nice layer of herb cheese.
  • Use a knife to cut 3 lines in the remaining puff pastry, and place the sheet on top of the salmon. If you do it nicely it will look pretty, too! (Pictures down below)
  • Press the edges of the puff pastry sheets together with a fork. Make sure there is no opening left, and brush the packages with the egg.
  • Place them in the preheated oven for around 30 minutes. Start cleaning your kitchen or prepare your vegetables! After 30 minutes it’s ready, enjoy.

That’s it for today, I will be back tomorrow with another recipe! It’s something you’ll go bananas for…. See you then!

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With our delicious cauliflower and cheese sauce




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