Increase your blog traffic with the Shared Pinterest board + ‘Favourite Blog Recipes’

This blog post will tell you more about the shared Pinterest board in general and my new one: ‘Favourite Blog Recipes’. Happy pinning!

How to increase blog traffic with shared pinterest boards.

Shared Pinterest board 

For fellow (food) bloggers, I only have one tip: embrace the shared Pinterest board! Once you know how to make the best use of it, you’ll quickly see Pinterest becoming your #1 source of visitors.

Not only is it a fun way to get to know new blogs, the shared Pinterest board will help you reach a larger audience at once. I for example only have 200 followers on Pinterest, but the shared boards I pin to sometimes have millions of followers!

Once I started pinning to a shared Pinterest board (I now expanded to a whole list, including my own!) I saw an increase in visitors. Super exciting if you ask me! I started paying more attention to my photos, and created special pinning photos. More about this later in the blog.

This light and airy bundt cake is made in a smaller mould (Ø 16,5 cm), so you can enjoy a piece of cake at any time! The lemon makes it nice and fresh.


I remember when I started pinning, I had boards filled with cute animals, pretty outfits and ‘future home’ ideas of huge rooms filled with books like my own personal library. Anyone else?! However, once I became excited about cooking and food I saw the full potential of Pinterest.

You see, if there’s one place that gets me inspired… It’s pinterest! I don’t think there’s anywhere else you can find this many recipes and pretty photos, all in one place. Nowadays, I’m on Pinterest at least four times a day!

Making sure my recipes and photos are out there too is a top priority. I made sure I included pinning plugins on my site so you can easily share my photos to Pinterest (please do! Makes me super happy ;)) and, like I said, I created those special pinning photos.

Pinterest photos

What do I mean with Pinterest photos? Let me show you an example:

Adding vegetables to your breakfast is a food trend, and with this delicious recipe for carrot cake oats it couldn't be easier! Done in no time.

Pinning photos should be 733 wide and at least 1200 tall. The example I showed you is 733×1500, which I think is ideal! Because this photo is so much taller than the usual photo, it will take the readers extra time to scroll past it on Pinterest. This means more time to make your positive impression: more time to get pinned!

Also, the added text makes it easy for your readers to see what your advertising in one glance. When you see the photo of the carrot cake oats you might not get that excited, but once you read the text… Who knows!

Shared Pinterest board

So, let’s go back to the shared Pinterest board. For food bloggers alone, there are many many many shared boards available in all different categories. I myself pin to e.g. dairy free or vegetarian boards and boards dedicated to one type of meal such as dessert or breakfast. Making sure you pin the right pins in the right category will make them more likely to get re-pinned.

Some shared boards are invite only: you can only get invited by the admin or people already in the board. Other boards ask you to send a message explaining who you are, or to fill out a sign up form. (Find mine here!) It may take some effort, but it’s definitely worth it in the end!

How to increase blog traffic with shared pinterest boards.

How do you stand out from the other pins? There are a couple of tips I can give you:

  • High quality photos. Make sure your photos are bright, original and have a good composition. For food bloggers, I recommend starting with the so-called ‘birds-eye view).
  • Pin often. Get yourself out there! By this I don’t mean spam your pictures, I mean give your followers subtle reminders of what you have on your blog. Personally, I try to pin my latest recipe to all the shared boards within two days (once per board!), and I usually pin 1 ‘older’ recipe to a shared pinterest board a day.
  • Spread your pinning. Don’t pin your photo to all the shared boards at once: try to spread it out during the day. More chance to get shown in the overview, more chance to get pinned!
  • Keep track of time. There are dozens of blogs dedicated to this subject: there is a time and place for everything. The best time to pin: afternoons. Usually. But see what works for you: I try to start pinning when it’s morning in America (so it’s afternoon here), and spread out my pinning over the time it’s day over there.
  • Make it a daily routine. Like everything else: you need to invest some time in it. You won’t go from 1 pinner to 100 if you only pin every once in a while: you really need to step up your game! Make it a daily routine to do some pinning when you wake up, have lunch and before you go to bed, and you’ll see an increase over time.
  • Pin other recipes too. My final tip: don’t only pin your own photos. I wouldn’t follow a board that only pins the same photos over and over again, would you?! Plus, pinning other peoples pin is a great way to get noticed too.

How to increase blog traffic with shared pinterest boards.

Shared Pinterest board: ‘Favourite Blog Recipes’

This post is getting longer and longer, so the final thing I’d like to talk about is my own shared Pinterest board! Favourite Blog Recipes is a board where fellow foodies/food bloggers can pin their recipes and photos. And it’s open to all! My only rule: don’t spam.

Click here if you’d like to check out the board.

Click here if you’d like to sign up with your name, email and blog. (I’ll delete all entries once I’ve added you: I just need the info to add you!)

Click here to follow me on Pinterest.

How to increase blog traffic with shared pinterest boards.

That’s it for today guys, don’t forget to show this post some love and support! I hope to see you again soon, love

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