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Something I really like today: shows and movies I’ve been loving lately! A list of crime & action series that you should watch too.

Shows you should watch: crime & action

Shows and movies

Netflix: I couldn’t live without it. Whenever I have a bit of free time I simply turn it on, pick the show I’d like to watch and sit back to relax! As my blog is slowly broadening in terms of posts I write, I decided to add a new section: shows and movies I love watching. What are some of your favourite shows?

For me, personally: crime. I’m not a fan of bloody or super scary scenes, but I’m all about solving crimes and that kinda stuff! As mentioned before I watch this on Netflix, but I also still download some other shows. Or I watch them on tv of course 😉

In this post I only share my favourite series: next post may have both shows and movies.

Crime solving

Let’s start with crime solving shows, okay? Here are my favourites:

Sherlock (BBC)

If I need to explain why you should watch this show, I think you have to start watching it right. NOW. This mini-series is simply so amazing: all fans are impatiently waiting for more episodes! Sherlock Holmes solves crimes by using mainly his brain, and he works together with John Watson. The characters are funny and interesting, and the stories always have some sort of twist… Plus, Benedict Cumberbatch fulfils his role as Holmes brilliantly.


Elementary is also about Holmes and Watson, but it’s a bit different here. They make more use of modern-day techniques such as a group of hackers called Anyone, work together with the police and have a different relationship with each other and the world around them. First of all, Watson is a woman (her name is Joan) and Holmes is even more on his own than the Benedict Cumberbatch version. The other difference between Elementary and Sherlock is that in this version, Sherlock doesn’t use the ‘mind palace’ technique the way Sherlock does in the show mentioned before (are you still following?). In my opinion this is a hugely underappreciated show, and I would definitely recommend you to watch it.


I’m talking about the original NCIS: the one with Gibbs, Abby and all my favourite characters! When I was younger, my mom and I would always watch episodes together on TV. That’s when I fell in love with crime solving shows and movies! Years later I was looking for something I could easily watch when I needed some down time, which is how I came across NCIS for the second time.

Again I fell in love with this show, and I’m currently up to date with all episodes! The thing I like is, of course, the crime solving. Also, the relationships between Gibbs and his team are so… comforting? It makes you feel as if you know them!


This show is way newer: it only started a year and a half ago. Jane Doe, a woman whose mind has been erased, is found by the FBI in a huge bag in the middle of a busy street. She doesn’t remember who she is or anything else. Her body is covered in tattoos from head to toe: including the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller. Soon enough, Kurt Weller and his team find out that all other tattoos on the body of Jane Doe contain clues for crimes that are still going to happen. The team works together with Jane to find out who she is, and why she has all those clues to crimes tattooed on her body.

Again, what I really like is the relationships going on in the team. The storyline is really good as well, and it’s filled with moments that leave you wanting to watch another episode!


Time for part two: more crime!

Orange is the new black

Okay, I’m assuming you have all heard of OITNB. I mean, half of us are addicted, right?! This show revolves around Piper Chapman, who has to spend some time in jail. She really is a ‘girl next door’ type, which makes her super easy to relate to. Of course, many things happen in this all-female jail… Highly addictive!

Orphan Black

This show is a bit darker, but really really good. It’s a story about a young girl who sees another girl looking just like her step in front of a train… She decides to take her stuff and take over her life. Soon, she finds out she doesn’t have just one other girl looking exactly like her: and they go on a hunt for answers. SPOILER ALERT! > When I read that this show was about clones, I figured this would not be something I’d enjoy. Luckily I decided to watch an episode and boy, was I wrong! It’s a great show with a very strong storyline… And amazing characters.

Lie to me

This one is a bit in the crime-solving part: it’s about people who study peoples micro-expressions. Basically, they read faces. It’s all about science: they can tell if someone is lying by the tiny movements they make with e.g. their eyebrows, or the muscles in their face. It’s a really good show: the characters are relatable, and the ‘mysteries’ they solve are always very exciting. Unlike many other shows, every episode is completely different!

The Magicians

My final recommendation for now is of a whole different category, as it contains magic. (Did the name ‘magicians’ give that away?) While I normally love reading fantasy books, there aren’t many fantasy shows and movies that I like. Sure, Harry Potter is on the list! But anything else? I’m not sure. However, the Magicians caught my attention. The main character isn’t your typical hero, which is what I really like! Also, who doesn’t want to believe in magic for 40 minutes every episode… However, the magicians is a little bit scary. At least I think so. Some parts have me covering my eyes, but there are also episodes that I can watch just fine 😉

That’s it for now guys, I hope you enjoyed this list! See you soon,

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