Homemade gnocchi (at least, I tried)


Homemade gnocchi. I had this perfect image in my head of these delicious little (potato) pasta pieces in a simple, but tasty sauce made with cooked cherry tomatoes, pesto, some sour cream, and rocket lettuce on top… When my boyfriend would come home he would find me there, cooking with the grace and technique of a real Italian woman (minus the looks, I still have quite some years to go!), serving him this made-from-scratch dish that was so good it was like we were back in Rome.

What I did not picture was him coming home, finding me with my hands literally tied together by “should it be this sticky?” dough, looking extremely desperate and covered in flour. My usual welcome home greeting at the door was replaced by faint calls for help from the kitchen. Not according to plan. Miracles happen though, because it ended up tasting quite great! Will explain more later in this post. 

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Beef stew: worth the wait

beef stew

Hi there! Today I decided to share with you a delicious meaty dish that is easy enough for a student to cook, makes a big portion for a relatively low amount of money and doesn’t take a lot of work; just waiting time. Also: I’ve implemented my new recipe template! Yay! Tell me what you think… 🙂

I remember when I was younger I would hear people talk about “pulled meats” in disgust. However, when I tried my moms variety of beef stew with loads of butter and this smooth meat I fell in love instantly. Because you need to be at home for around 4 hours at least, we didn’t eat it often enough in my opinion. Now that I live on my own I like to cook this beautiful beef stew when I’m spending a day inside studying or whatever. The smell that fills my house right now is mouthwatering!

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The perfect carrot cake


Hey there!

Today I share with you a recipe to one of my favourite things in the whole wide world: carrot cake. When it’s baked properly you’ll have the perfect combination of sweet cake with spices, topped with a delicious lemon cream cheese topping. Yummm!

Last Saturday I celebrated my birthday for family in our apartment in Breda. I baked this cake as well as a simple chocolate/vanilla cake, and asked my mum to bring an apple pie. The carrot cake was so popular, and I received so many compliments! Make this cake the star of your birthday too, with this great recipe.

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Interesting combination: chicken, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes and pear



Last Sunday the boyfriend did the grocery shopping and he chose 3 recipes to try. (Of course I’ll be cooking them as he isn’t home until 7) This one sounds so weird but turned out to be really delicious! The salty chicken pairs really well with the pear, and I love mashed potatoes any way I eat them. We’re not a fan of brussel sprouts but this was okay. I would recommend you to try this!

First of all: in the original recipe they use store bought (sweet) potato mash. This is fine if you’re low on time but on any other occasion I really think it pays off to make it yourself! The fluffy texture of homemade mashed potatoes with loads of butter and milk, and then the great flavour of fresh chives, salt and pepper… Don’t try and tell me the store bought version can make you drool as much as a great fresh one!

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Dinner for one: tilapia fillet, fresh salad and hasselback sweet potato for 3


Hey there,
I’m all alone this evening so I decided to start writing about my dinner already. For the past few weeks I’ve never been alone in my apartment: I’m living together with my boyfriend now! So I can’t really get used to being by myself again. I played “El Camino”, a great album by the Black Keys, quite loud (sorry neighbours!) but it’s still a bit quiet at the dinner table, haha!

So what did I eat. A bit of a leftover meal, to be honest: hasselback sweet potato, rocket lettuce salad and tilapia fillet. I’m so full.. Seriously, that sweet potato could’ve fed two more people! Also, the sweet potato was a bit overcooked and burned on the edges. I will write down what I did below, but please make sure it’s adjusted to your oven so you won’t make the same mistake I did! I’ll add a picture at the bottom of this post. First, the recipe…

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Perfectly balanced dinner: roasted pumpkin with minced meat, bulgur and a delicious rocket salad


Good morning food lovers!

Today I’ve got a great recipe to share with you, which turned out to be even better than expected. It was a perfect combination of flavours and we absolutely loved it! I found a recipe online which I used for inspiration, but my friend Noor joined us last moment so we decided to add some minced meat as well. Also, I’ve got some fresh rosemary which I decided to add to the pumpkin as a nice touch. These kind of “experiments” are what makes me love cooking in the first place: who knows what great dishes result from a little inspiration! Feel free to make your own adjustments and let me know in the comments below, would love to hear from you.
The roasted pumpkin is smooth and sweet, which tastes great with the fresh vegetables and the salty minced meat. Since it was the first time cooking this (I never roasted pumpkin before!) it was a bit of a gamble but I would really recommend trying it, I’m definitely cooking this again! Bulgur is an ingredient I like to use as it can be combined with nearly any dish.

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Tasty home-made lasagne using your leftover vegetables

Hello hello!

Sorry, no picture of this tasty home-made lasagne I speak of: the smell of it made us too eager to dig in! I guess you’ll have to take my word for it 😉 let me tell you; this creamy, cheesy, salty yet subtly flavoured combination is to die for…

For students, cooking can sometimes be a challenge. Whether it is because you have to eat dry bread until your next student allowance is deposited into your bank account, or because you simply have no idea what to cook or how to cook it… I’m sure we’ve all been there at least once. This is why my first recipe will be a budget; and fool-proof but extremely tasty home-made lasagne!

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