Pasta with broccoli and mushrooms in a creamy sauce | quick & easy


Pasta has got to be my favourite dish. I mean, pasta can be so many things, right?! It could be a lasagne, it could be macaroni with lovely red sauce and vegetables or it could be this version, for example. This dish contains many vegetables but also that delicious saltiness of fried minced meat. Trust me: you will love this!

This dish originated when the boyfriend and I made pasta with leftovers. We had some broccoli and mushrooms lying around and decided to mix this together with some cream cheese and pesto: yumm! Today I share with you an updated version, without the pesto but with some other touches instead. Only €1,40 per portion!

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Vegetable/herb cheese omelette & omelette struggles | budget-proof challenge


In my weakly meal planning I always leave the last day for dealing with vegetable leftovers. You can make them into delicious pasta dishes, this simple dinner oven dish or a great stir-fry dish… But today I’ll share with you a great way to turn them into an omelette with a twist.

I always have some eggs in my pantry as they are so versatile. Over the years I’ve levelled up my egg-game by turning them into great scrambled eggs, shakshuka in delicious tomato sauce, omelettes, oven baked eggs or cakes. (Wait, what? That’s not the same thing!) As I’m getting busy with school again I’ll be sure to share more of these dishes: simple and quick dinners are the best!

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The best of both worlds: pizza fries | budget-proof challenge


Today I’m going to make you happy. Oh, so happy. I don’t know if you eat either fries or pizza regularly but let me tell you: this dish is so damn delicious. I mean come on, how great do pizza fries sound?! Any dish with melted cheese on top is a good dish if you ask me. And you get to choose the topping!

We love pizza fries: you can make so many different ones and it’s so incredibly easy. The flavour is great: it’s that of pizza and fries combined! You can make it as healthy as you like, or turn it into a real guilty pleasure with loads of cheese. Today I’ll share with you the easiest version as well as my own version which is a bit extended: this one includes all home-made ingredients. 

Not only is this dish tasty, easy and versatile: it’s very affordable too. The recipe I created cost us €1,25 per person: as basic as possible (fries – tomato sauce – cheese) it would only cost you €0,90 each! Continue reading

Simple dinner casserole with leek, bell pepper, minced meat and potato | budget-proof challenge


Fridays are for leftovers. I always buy a lot of vegetables, which sometimes means half my fridge is filled with pieces of cucumber/carrot/eggplant/zucchini and half full bags of lettuce or spinach… Luckily I know many ways to use these!

You can for example make a great omelet by simply adding some eggs and spices, or include all those vegetables in a really delicious pasta sauce. Today however, I will show you how to make a simple dinner casserole. And of course I’m still busy with the budget proof challenge, so this dish costs only €1,95 a person!

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