Simple dinner casserole with leek, bell pepper, minced meat and potato | budget-proof challenge


Fridays are for leftovers. I always buy a lot of vegetables, which sometimes means half my fridge is filled with pieces of cucumber/carrot/eggplant/zucchini and half full bags of lettuce or spinach… Luckily I know many ways to use these!

You can for example make a great omelet by simply adding some eggs and spices, or include all those vegetables in a really delicious pasta sauce. Today however, I will show you how to make a simple dinner casserole. And of course I’m still busy with the budget proof challenge, so this dish costs only €1,95 a person!

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Puff pastry breadsticks | budget-proof challenge


I love a good soup. There are so many options, I like to prepare a different soup every week! However, sometimes it’s not enough as a dinner so you’ll have to add something like a piece of bread or… breadsticks!

I’ve got this great and simple recipe that I prepared in a few minutes with some puff pastry, cheese and sesame seeds. We ate these together with the vegetable soup recipe I posted yesterday. How easy is that?!

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Vegetable soup with mini meatball recipe | budget-proof challenge


Vegetable soup is easy to make, very filling, versatile and tasty. You can use your leftover vegetables if you like, or follow my recipe! If you want to make it even better you add mini meatballs. I’ve made these many times, and will include my recipe for those here as well.

When we were younger my brother and I, selfless brats that we were, always wanted to go to grandmas house because of the soup she often made. Even though she always claimed it was nothing special we absolutely loved it. It was extremely simple with only a few ingredients, yet I was never really able to recreate the flavour… Until I bought some fresh Celery leaves. The smell immediately told me that this was the “secret” ingredient my previous soups lacked!

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Eggs poached in tomato stew | budget-proof challenge


Okay, so today I tried this recipe that is originally called “shakshuka”, but because I sort of adapted the recipe I decided to call it a tomato stew. Basically what you do is you make this great soup like stew with tomatoes and bell pepper, add a bunch of herbs and then you crack some eggs and cook them in the sauce. Trust me: it’s a recipe for success!

I get my inspiration from so many things. I check Instagram and Bloglovin’ multiple times a day: I keep my eyes open when I’m outside and I try to mesmerize restaurants menus for god knows I might want to recreate one of the dishes one day. When I decided what to cook this week, I had this image in my head of a dish with tomatoes and eggs in the pan… I literally googled “tomato stew eggs” and was able to find what I was looking for.

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Gluten free healthy pizza with tomatoes and mozzarella | budget-proof challenge

Healthy and gluten free spinach pizza crust. Topped with mozarella, pesto and tomatoes | Stay Alive and Cooking

Okay now tell me: how often do you hear the words “pizza” “healthy” “tasty” and even “gluten free” in the same sentence? Not that often, right? Well do I have some good news for you today… And all that for only 1,50 per person!

I’ll admit it’s not exactly the same as a regular pizza but it’s got cheese and it’s crunchy so it’s kinda the same. And the best part: it’s really tasty when you are expecting a healthy pizza! So what more do you want. Seriously. Printable recipe down belooow!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this Month I’m challenging myself by cooking budget-proof recipes every day. This can be anything, so let me know if you have any suggestions!

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