Poké bowl with salmon

If you love sushi, you’ll love this poké bowl! It’s simple, filled with veggies & topped with salmon. The rice makes it filling and ties the dish together.

If you love sushi, you'll love this poké bowl! It's simple, filled with veggies & topped with salmon. The rice makes it filling and ties the dish together.

Don’t you love having foodie friends? I know I do. Most of my friends enjoy eating but can’t imagine why they would take the time to take pictures, make their plate look pretty, or even to cook something from scratch when you can use short cuts. Luckily, Louise and I are on the same page! In the supermarket we think of ways to create more colour in our dishes, which results in this pretty plate.

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Kale and cannellini bean stir-fry with cashews and sausage

A non-traditional stir-fry with kale, cannellini beans, cashews and sausage seasoned with thyme. Delicious, healthy and filling!


Here in the Netherlands we usually eat kale in one way: mashed with potatoes, and the typical Dutch “smoked sausage”. I wanted to try something else, and when I saw a recipe for a kale stir-fry I knew that was it! 

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Granola and (blood) orange yoghurt pie

Healthy granola and blood orange pie | Stay Alive and Cooking As you could read in my recipe for lemon yoghurt pie, I’m completely into healthy pies ever since I tasted one. That’s why I bring you another recipe today: a gluten and sugar free granola and blood orange yoghurt pie! How good does that sound?! The granola adds a nice and crunchy layer, and the blood orange adds that zing you really crave after you had one slice. I’m sure this recipe will win you over, too!

Of course, you can make this recipe with regular oranges too.

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Skinny lettuce boats with chicken, avocado and beans

Healthier lettuce boats with chicken, creamy avocado and beans in a delicious dinner or lunch combo. | Stay Alive and Cooking

Mmmm, delicious avocado, beans and chicken inside a crunchy lettuce leaf… Tasty! And, according to my precise timing, done within 15 minutes. Whaaat!

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Guilt-free yoghurt lemon pie

Guilt-free yoghurt lemon pie, click for recipe! | Stay Alive and Cooking

I always thought that eating those “healthier pies” was only for people who were really good at dieting and living healthy and stuff. I mean, if I’m at a restaurant I’m going to order a dessert, and it better have loads of butter and sugar in it! However, I’ve gotta admit that I was wrong. Oh, so wrong! I made a guilt free pie today, and it’s delicious!

I really thought I’d rather not eat pie than have a healthier one. Yes, I seriously am that stubborn. Pie is supposed to be sweet and tasty and delicious… Not healthy and, well, not tasty you know? Oh how I wish I had tried this one sooner. The nuts and dates in the crust taste almost like cookies, and the yoghurt topping is so nice and creamy thanks to the honey and lemon…. Healthy pies, you’ve won me over!

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Zoodles with beef, mushrooms and bell pepper


For those of you wondering what the hell zoodles are: zucchini-noodles. Makes sense, right? It’s a gluten free and healthier version of regular noodles. And very tasty, too! Today I show you how to pair them beautifully with beef, mushrooms, bell pepper and shallot in a ketjap manis sauce. 

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Quick and healthy breakfast: oat/apple-cinnamon pancake with smoothie


I haven’t posted any breakfast recipes lately and I’m sorry about that: breakfast is usually my favourite! I decided to make it up to you by uploading a double recipe today. One for a really simple oat flour pancake (it didn’t take me longer than preparing a regular bowl of oatmeal!) and a delicious yet healthy veg-fruity smoothie.

We all have those days in which we simply have no clue what to eat for breakfast. For me it’s easy, I always toss some ingredients in a bowl of oatmeal and I’m good to go for a couple of hours, but if you’re more a sandwich kinda person I can imagine it gets boring quite soon. That’s why you should mix it up every once in a while: with a simple pancake for example!

This is still part of the budget proof month of course, so it is not only a quick, easy and healthy breakfast but an affordable one too.

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Roasted pumpkin and pepper with turkey and freekeh | budget-proof challenge

DSCN6277There was this pumpkin sitting in my vegetable storage for already a month, so I decided it was about time to use it. I’ve done this before: buy pumpkin, forget about pumpkin, remember I have pumpkin and then be forced to find something to cook with pumpkin. Oh, well.

I thought it would be nice to roast vegetables. Roasted pumpkin is quite sweet and rich which can be rather overpowering, so I needed to balance it out – hence the bell pepper. Freekeh has that nutty flavour that goes great with roasted pumpkin and I decided to add the turkey for a nice hearty but healthy touch.

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Brussels sprouts salad with apple and chicken | budget-proof challenge


I always try to find new ways to enjoy Brussels sprouts because, to be honest, I really don’t like them. (I mean come on, who didn’t hate them as a kid? And maybe still does, years later?) So far I haven’t been entirely successful but I’m not one to give up easily so I tried another recipe.

It was… interesting. I followed a recipe which told me to use raw Brussels sprouts, chicken and capers combined with a vegan Caesar Salad dressing but I of course gave my own spin to it. Read about this and our experiences with it in this post!

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Eggs poached in tomato stew | budget-proof challenge


Okay, so today I tried this recipe that is originally called “shakshuka”, but because I sort of adapted the recipe I decided to call it a tomato stew. Basically what you do is you make this great soup like stew with tomatoes and bell pepper, add a bunch of herbs and then you crack some eggs and cook them in the sauce. Trust me: it’s a recipe for success!

I get my inspiration from so many things. I check Instagram and Bloglovin’ multiple times a day: I keep my eyes open when I’m outside and I try to mesmerize restaurants menus for god knows I might want to recreate one of the dishes one day. When I decided what to cook this week, I had this image in my head of a dish with tomatoes and eggs in the pan… I literally googled “tomato stew eggs” and was able to find what I was looking for.

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