Oatmeal breakfast pie with yoghurt and pear

Start your day right with this delicious oatmeal pie topped with yoghurt and pear! It's crunchy, creamy, simple and tasty. | Stay Alive and Cooking

It’s time for another great breakfast recipe! This time I experimented with a breakfast pie: a delicious oat crust topped with some yoghurt and fresh pear or any fruit of choice. It’s really really good: I love the combination of the crunchy crust with the smooth yoghurt and sweet fruit! The perfect variation to my regular oatmeal 😉

If you like breakfast pies, don’t forget to check out this apple/oatmeal crumble!

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Guilt-free yoghurt lemon pie

Guilt-free yoghurt lemon pie, click for recipe! | Stay Alive and Cooking

I always thought that eating those “healthier pies” was only for people who were really good at dieting and living healthy and stuff. I mean, if I’m at a restaurant I’m going to order a dessert, and it better have loads of butter and sugar in it! However, I’ve gotta admit that I was wrong. Oh, so wrong! I made a guilt free pie today, and it’s delicious!

I really thought I’d rather not eat pie than have a healthier one. Yes, I seriously am that stubborn. Pie is supposed to be sweet and tasty and delicious… Not healthy and, well, not tasty you know? Oh how I wish I had tried this one sooner. The nuts and dates in the crust taste almost like cookies, and the yoghurt topping is so nice and creamy thanks to the honey and lemon…. Healthy pies, you’ve won me over!

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