Tame Impala concert and dinner at First in Heineken Music Hall

Good day all!
Today I share with you another experience. I’ll be back to posting recipes soon, I promise! But I really enjoy writing so I’m just going to bother you with these stories first πŸ˜‰ It was a great day, so hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about it, too. I’ve got my fluffy socks on, a cup of tea close, it’s bad weather outside so I’ve got nowhere to be… Good to go!

Last Friday was a busy day in Amsterdam, as I first visited the cat cafe (read about it here), then went to see the movie “Big Short” and in the evening it was time for the Tame Impala concert with Gijs (the boyfriend)! We had dinner in restaurant “First”, which is inside the Heineken Music Hall building. This was such a stress reliever: we didn’t have to queue outside, when we were done eating we could go straight into the concert area.

The restaurant served a “street food style” menu, which meant that we received a couple of different bites to share. It was a pre-set menu, but we are not that picky and the dishes were not that wild or extravagant so that was not a problem. We received: potato wedges, spareribs, meatballs in tomato sauce, spicy chicken wings, chicken teriyaki skewers, lamb skewers with some sort of yoghurt sauce, avocado with shrimps and a pumpkin salad. Quite a variety of food, which mainly consisted of meat haha. Everything tasted great, but was not that warm unfortunately. This was probably because the cooks were working in some sort of line formation. Improvement point. Also, the ribs lacked some seasoning and the chicken was not very spicy. Furthermore we had a great dinner: the ambiance was right, the staff was properly trained and we were just very happy.

We received a dessert as well: some sort of cinnamon donut sticks in a glass with chocolate sauce. Very tasty, we love desserts.

After our dinner we went into the main hall and sat down on the ground with a beer. All we could do at that point was wait, and do some people-watching. One of my favourite activities! The crowd consisted mainly of youngsters like us, with some exceptions. We saw dyed hair, people in blouses who were quite old and did not fit in at all, lots of couples like us, some hipsters (sorry) and in general a lot of friendly faces.

Special guests opening the show were +Jagwar Ma, which is actually one of my favourite bands. It was the first night of the tour so it was a little tentatively at first, but soon it became a great show. I absolutely loved it! We were quite in the front so we had a great view as well. I’ll add some pictures down below.

After that it was waiting again, but luckily +Tame Impala started quite on time. The music was very loud so I bought music earplugs to make it a little more bearable. The show was very good, I really enjoyed the music. They played many good songs, and lots of favourites of mine. I myself was singing quite often, too!

We were in front of the stage, but soon I started to feel panicky. I still have my anxiety problems which makes a day like that with so many people around quite hard sometimes. Luckily I have a very supportive boyfriend, who insisted we moved after I told him I had problems breathing. We watched the rest of the show from the side, close to the bar and the doors. I felt much better, but was still completely exhausted at the end of the show! So many impressions to take in and noises and people everywhere: still a bit too much to handle I’m afraid. Luckily, that’s not something I have to deal with on my own.

All things considered it was a great day and a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed the food and the concert was great too. I have no more concerts planned for now: hopefully some great band will visit soon!

That’s it for today again, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Will see you tomorrow with a great recipe!

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