Time for a proper introduction

Hey you!

I think it’s time for me to tell a bit more about myself. After all, today is a gloomy, sad and rainy day here in the Netherlands so what else am I gonna do πŸ˜‰

First of all, I have a message I’d like to get out there. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for so long, I’ve even attempted a blog before (which, unfortunately, stopped after the introduction post) but I never picked up the courage to do so. And I’ll tell you why.
Social media nowadays is filled with perfect pictures, stories that will make even the happiest person jealous, and people promoting their perfect lives. Which is, of course, great for the folks living these lives but for the many others watching… not so much.

I was one of those persons watching, wondering why my life couldn’t be like that. Feeling miserable at times, because everyone seemed to have their life in order… And where was I? I wasn’t successful, couldn’t be bothered to go and look good dancing in a club every week, didn’t have my own company, nor that “summer body”, and I wasn’t living that healthy lifestyle either. I felt like I had to live up to those expectations, had to make my life as interesting as promoted by many on social media.

So I spent a lot of time thinking. I could start a blog like that, tell you all about the awesome things going on in my life… but hey, I’m not perfect! My life is not perfect, and I struggle with myself and the expectations I feel I need to live up to. Yes, my Facebook only shows the good times (We ALL know that person who posts a vague status saying something along the lines of: “Just when everything was perfect… : feeling sad” and then refuses to tell those who comment WHY) Yes, my Instagram is filled with pictures of the food I make – but I leave out the pictures that look like…. well, let’s say not all my dishes look that tasty πŸ˜‰ But I’m not living a lie. My life has those good sides – but there’s more sides to everything.

Dear readers (if you’re out there), I hereby promise that I will be honest. Don’t worry! I’m not gonna be that annoying girl on Facebook, whining about god-knows-what, refusing to tell you what’s wrong.
But I won’t be the other annoying girl on Facebook either. The one that makes you jealous, and wonder how she’s managing to live that perfect life so easily. I’ll tell you what’s going on, hoping to find the balance between the good and the bad.

Well damn, I promised I would introduce myself and I already wrote a whole story about not being perfect, haha! I think I should leave it at this, and introduce myself in a later post. After all, this is already a lot of information to take in πŸ˜‰

I’ll leave with a question: how do you see a perfect life?

Thanks for visiting my page, hopefully I’ll see you next time!

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