Unboxing: Food We Love box “Grand Food Bazar” + recipes


Heeello! Today I thought I’d try something different: Unboxing a Food We Love box. The reason why I do this is because I’d like to see if I can write posts in different styles. 

I will be showing you the content of the box I received for my birthday (thanks boyfriend!) and even better: I’ll add recipes I found online that I would like to try and cook with these ingredients. It’ll be a challenge as there is absolutely nothing in this box that I’ve cooked with before… But I like learning new things, so bring on the challenge!

For those of you who are not Dutch: Food We Love is a company that sells boxes filled with special food items in a certain theme. For example, I once ordered a box for my boyfriend that was filled with Mediterranean foods such as snacks, drinks, pasta made with red wine etc. It’s food with a story, sometimes from smaller companies and selected with care. I’m mostly a fan because you can order a box every month and it’s like unwrapping presents: you don’t know what you get until it’s there!

First impression of this Food We Love box


As I mentioned before I received this box as a present for my birthday, but unfortunately it came a few days early. The outside of the box clearly states “Food We Love Box” so the surprise was completely gone! My boyfriend tried emailing them to prevent this from happening but unfortunately they couldn’t help him. Some points were lost on this part.

When you open the box you find blue wrapping paper and a personalized note. On top they placed a little Food Magazine, with explanation about the products and some recipe inspiration. Really nice and professional.

Content of the box and the recipes I found

I will now show you what was inside of this box, piece by piece. You’ll find a picture first, and then a link to the recipe I’d like to try.


Malidzano: A mix of roasted eggplant and green paprika.

This is not used for cooking, but as an alternative for mayonnaise, as a sandwich spread or as a dip.




Cous Cous con verdure: couscous with dried vegetables.

I would love to try this recipe from Houseandgarden. See picture down below! Doesn’t that look delicious…

Beef & Herb Couscous Salad



Mild Chilli Pitta Chips: Roasted pitta bread with herbs and garlic.

You can eat this with a dip made from the Maldizano and yoghurt, or I would maybe pair it with a club sandwich or grilled cheese like this one I found at Yummy Tummy Aarthi. Tasty!


Verbena Harissa: made from young spinach, coriander, garlic, lemons and North-African herbs.

I found a great salad recipe on this website, go check it out!

chickpea & harissa salad


Preserved lemons

I found this recipe for cod with potatoes and preserved lemon relish at Bon appétit and it instantly made my mouth water…

Cod with Potatoes and Preserved Lemon Relish Recipe


Turkish Delight

This one’s easy: You can eat these dried fruit and chocolate dates with a cup of afternoon tea! They are great as a sweet snack.


Overall I like this box even though I had no idea what to cook with it. I am very enthusiastic to try something new, will let you know how that goes!

Thanks for reading, I hope to welcome you again soon.


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