How I use Pinterest for blog promotion (+ free scheduling options and posting times!)

When using Pinterest for blog promotion, it’s all about being visible. This blog will tell you how to get your pins out there on Pinterest and Google.

How to use Pinterest for your blog promotion

Even though this post may name a few tools and sites, it is not sponsored in any way. All opinions are my own.

If you came here just for the free scheduling options: click this link for a free month of Tailwind (the site I use to schedule my pins at the best times!).

Pinterest for blog promotion

Pinterest: once you start, you’ll get hooked! I use it for so many things – from bullet journal ideas to my weekly meal plan and, of course, my blog promotion.

A little while ago I posted a guide on how to increase blog traffic with the Shared Pinterest board. I found that this was new to so many of my fellow bloggers, while for me Pinterest is my #1 source of visitors! That’s why I figured I’d share a little more information on how to use Pinterest to get your blog out there: how to be visible. Included are tips and tricks, of course, free scheduling options and optimal posting times!

How to increase blog traffic with shared pinterest boards.

Before I forget:

Favourite Blog Recipes is a board where fellow foodies/food bloggers can pin their recipes and photos. And it’s open to all! My only rule: don’t spam.

Click here if you’d like to check out the board.

Click here if you’d like to sign up with your name, email and blog. (I’ll delete all entries once I’ve added you: I just need the info to add you!)

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Rich pins

I’m going to start this blog with something that is A) extremely useful B) makes Google find your pins more easily C) makes it easier for potential pinners/readers to decide if your pin is the one for them and D) is extremely easy to set up! I’m talking about rich pins. I highly recommend using rich pins: it’s a great way to make your pins look more reliable and noticeable, which is what you want for blog promotion purposes! I’ll show you a little example of a ‘normal’ pin (left) vs a rich pin (right):

In the pinterest overview:

Once you click the pin:

rich pin: how to

Looking at the difference, here’s what you see: rich pins have a title/headline on the general Pinterest overview page, and once you click them you get all the extra information such as ingredients, cooking time and number of servings depending on the plugin you use such as YOAST SEO. Also, it could show your logo and many other features. If you’re already using Yoast you can simply ‘activate’ rich pins by following the instructions on this link. Voila! That’s it! If you find any problems after testing your links here, they’ll tell you what to do next.

SEO tips & tricks

Yes – SEO (= Search Engine Optimization or in short: how much google loves your site!) also applies to Pinterest! Don’t worry, it’s all rather simple. You see, similar to SEO for your blog google likes to find clear information. When you name a blog, pin or pinterest board something slightly confusing as ‘super delicious yummy salad with {….}’, it is less likely to be found. Use a clear name as ‘Grapefruit salad with feta and pine nuts’ and you’re much more likely to be shown high in Google rankings. In short: use a name that people are most likely to google for. This applies to Pinterest Boards too: name your boards ‘Salad Recipes’ over ‘Hungry for a salad’ (< that’s me: guilty ;))

Secondly, try and be effective with the keywords you use. If you are pinning a recipe or making a board for salads, use clever keywords for the description. What would people who look for salad recipes be interested in? A healthy salad maybe, or a colourful salad. Using words most likely to be googled or searched for will increase your chance to be featured at the top of the list.

How to increase blog traffic with shared pinterest boards.

However, you’re not supposed to simply add a list of keywords of hashtags as description. Try and make it into a story: would you rather open a pin that said ‘#healthy #salad #vegan #vegetables’ or one that said “This delicious salad is not only healthy, but vegan too!”?

And finally: verify your site on Pinterest. More about that a little later.

Optimize your site

Optimizing your site for Pinterest is actually really easy. Start by making it easy for your readers to pin your posts from your site. Add a Pinterest plugin that is user friendly: I use Simple Social Share (for WordPress) to display these icons at the bottom of my posts. People can share/pin my posts with one click! Simply type in “Pinterest” or “Pinterest share” at your plugin page, and apply the one you prefer.

blog promotion

The second part of optimizing your site for pinterest blog promotion, is to optimize your photos. Make sure they are at least 733×1200, and preferably include a title somewhere in the photo you plan to use for pinning. I’ve explained more about this in my previous post about Pinterest.

Finally, to optimize blog promotion I recommend using mainly vertical images. These take up way more ‘space’ in the Pinterest feed, making sure readers look at your pin as long as possible!

Turn your account into a business account

A little while ago I learned that Pinterest had the option to turn your account into a business account. This is totally free, and includes a couple of free features: from analytics to Pins that encourage your viewers to click, read more or even buy certain items. Setting it up is super simple, and is done within no time. Go to this page to find out how.

blog promotion on Pinterest

As mentioned before: verify your site on Pinterest. This can be done once you have a business account, and will reveal a couple of cool things such as the activity from your site to Pinterest. Also, a verified account is said to be more visible on the internet.

Optimize posting times

There are a lot of different opinions on the ‘optimized’ posting times: generally speaking, it is said that Saturday is the most popular day, and pinning prime time is between 14-16h or 20-01h in America, which means around 20-22h or 02-07 o’clock here in Europe.

However, I’m not usually awake or online at those times… So I found that to be a bit challenging! Usually, I’d start pinning around 13 o’clock here as I noticed that that was when my followers got engaged. Now, I found an easier solution: I now plan my pins. If only I had learned this sooner! I use this website called Tailwind, and then I let the site choose the best times to upload my pins to the boards I selected. I’m still in my trial period, but I’m super excited – I can now focus on Pinning recipes I like, while I let Tailwind do all the work!

Tailwind is a paid service, but you get the first hundred (!!) scheduled pins for free. Also, if you get someone new to sign up and upgrade to premium you get a free month of scheduling up to four hundred pins. Woaaah! This also works the other way around: if you sign up via my link (no credit card required), you get a free month as well. Fun, right? Go and give it a try now by clicking here.

Phewwww, I think that’s the end of my post for today… Perhaps I’ll share some more tips in the future – I’m still learning too! I hope you enjoyed this post, and please help my blog promotion by sharing this to Pinterest 😉 See you soon! – Viv

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How to use Pinterest for your blog promotion





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10 thoughts on “How I use Pinterest for blog promotion (+ free scheduling options and posting times!)

  1. Heel leerzaam! Doe nog veel te weinig met Pinterest, moet me daar echt eens in gaan verdiepen. Wat dit Business Account betreft… mijn blog is niet zakelijk, verdien er niets mee, kan dan nog steeds Business Account?
    Nicole recently posted…Coconut Pineapple CakeMy Profile

    1. Wat leuk om te horen Nicole! Dat zou ik zeer zeker doen, vergeet ook niet mijn andere tips te lezen over Pinterest: mijn account is van 100 naar 300 volgers gevlogen sinds ik me daarin ben gaan verdiepen. Dat kan gewoon hoor, een business account is gratis en voor iedereen! Je kunt ‘m linken met je website voor de beste resultaten.

  2. Interessant, ik doe behalve pinnen niet heel veel met pinterest. Weet ook niet of mijn blogonderwerpen zich er echt voor lenen, maar leuk om te lezen. Goed om te weten dat een business account gratis is! Daar was ik een beetje huiverig voor.
    Marguerita recently posted…Knutselen met foil artMy Profile

  3. Héél handig dit. Ik ben al een tijdje bezig hoe ik meer uit mijn Pinterest ben. Moet mij hier nog goed in verdiepen. Bedankt voor het delen

  4. Wauw wat een handige tips! Snel een kijkje nemen op Tailwind! En het staat al heel lang op mn to-do lijst om de namen van mijn boards te optimaliseren.. Nu maar eens gaan doen! Ik heb mij direct opgegeven voor je pinterest board 🙂

  5. Hier moet ik mij dus echt eens in verdiepen. Ik heb wel Pinterest maar doe er vrijwel niks mee, oke ik pin mijn eigen inspiratie, maar daar blijft het zeg maar bij. Ik ga deze post even opslaan. Dankjewel, want nu ben ik er weer even aan herinnert dat ik dit MOET doen!

  6. Wauw super interessant! Ik gebruik Pinterest maar af en toe, dus ik weet er te weinig van eigenlijk 🙂
    Voor mij is het meer een inspiratieplatform. Maar ik ga er mij eens wat meer in verdiepen!

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